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Lead Supply


We are one of the leading supplier and exporter of Lead Ingot.  Lead ingots are used as raw material by the lead battery, lead cable sheathing and lead sheet manufacturers.

We are offering Lead Ingots to our client and our product is made of good quality.

Purity 99%, 20 kg per ingot


Lead Sheet is necessary product made from Pure Lead and Lead Alloy. Lead Sheet has significant importance in chemical and associated markets as Lead Metal being resistant versus vast array of chemicals.

(1×3) inch, 26 pieces per kg


Lead bars are one of the widely needed and useful product which is required for numerous kinds of industrial applications.

Our lead bars are available for our clients at a very exclusive range of prices.

2.5 kg per bar


Solder Bar is made from high purity metal and it is suitable for dip and wave soldering.  We are offering a high quality range of Solder Bar. These solder bars are widely demanded in the market for its quality & high durability.

40% solder / 60% lead

We also supply & fabricate Lead Weight.